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Bombs are the primary attack method of the game. They hurt other players and destroy blocks.

Normal Bomb[edit | edit source]

Normal Bomb - Most common, but very deadly.

  • Normalbomb.png

Grey Bomb[edit | edit source]

Grey Bomb — Does not cause damage to players. These bombs are only available when a player is invulnerable, re-spawning or loss of a shield, or pushed out of a puzzle / regenerated portion of the map.

  • Greybomb.png

Nyan Bomb[edit | edit source]

Nyan Bomb — Emit rays of goodness and happiness, though unfortunately just as deadly as normal bombs.

  • Nyanbomb.png

Blue Bomb[edit | edit source]

Blue Bomb — Done in blocks - 3 health.

  • Bluebomb.png

Radio Bomb[edit | edit source]

Radio Bomb — A Detonated bomb. Explodes when player placing bomb presses 'SHIFT' or 'L', or by a nearby explosion. Radio bombs work with any combination of bombs. IE: Radio-Blue-Bomb.

  • Radiobomb.png

Nuclear Charge[edit | edit source]

Nuclear Charge - When a player picks up a nuclear charge, a special icon appears above their head. When killed, that player explodes in a massive fireball taking anything in a large radius with them. If infected by the nyan disease, the explosive radius is doubled and much more colorful.

  • Nuclearbomb.png
  • Nukesplode.png
  • Nyansplode.png