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Bonuses are found through the act of destroying blocks, killing players, or inside various containers throughout the world.

  • Bomb — +1 to the current number of bombs. The standard maximum - 16.
    • Bombbonus.png
  • Fire — +1 to the current radius of the explosion. The standard maximum - 6.
    • Firebonus.png
  • Roller-skates — +1 to current movement speed. The standard maximum upgrades - 4.
    • Skatebonus.png
  • Kick — Permanent bonus allowing the player to kick a bomb.
    • Kickbonus.png
  • Bat — Adds the ability to throw bombs. To activate, hold down 'SPACE' and wait for the desired length of the roll and release. Extra bat upgrades increase the distance of the throw and charge rate.
    • Batbonus.png
  • Jetpack — One time bonus. Grants you ability to launch yourself in the air. To activate, press 'F'. Jump range will be calculated automatically.
    • Jetpackbonus.png
  • Gift — A random bonus.
    • Giftbonus.png
  • Jelly — Enables bombs to bounce off of walls. Useful with kick.
    • Jellybonus.png
  • Detonator — Provides a limited amount of radio bombs. To detonate, press 'SHIFT' (or 'L').
    • Detonatorbonus.png
  • Shield — The opportunity to experience one's death. The standard maximum - 1.
    • Shieldbonus.png
  • Nuclear charge — Turns the player into a walking nuclear bomb. Nuclear explosion will only occur on the death of a player carrying this item.
    • Nuclearbonus.png
  • Blue fire — Increases the blast radius over the standard fire limit and makes the first bomb in an enhanced blue. The standard maximum - 3.
    • Bluefirebonus.png
  • Heart — Retains half of the collected bonuses after death. Only 5 or less bombs are kept using this item.
    • Heartbonus.png
  • Key — Allows you to open a locked gate.
    • Keybonus.png
  • Resources — A variety of resources that are worth money.
    • Silverbonus.png Silver
    • Goldbonus.png Gold
    • Diamondbonus.png Diamond