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The following are the default controls for Game of Bombs.

Control Keys[edit | edit source]

  • Arrows or W S A D — Movement
  • SPACE or K — Bomb / charge bat (hold) / re-spawn
  • SHIFT or L — Detonate a radio bomb
  • Q — View Map
  • ENTER — Toggle chat / send a message
  • P — Full-screen mode
  • TAB — View scores
  • I — Safe-house / teleport out of dead ends.
  • F — Use jetpack.

Observer Mode[edit | edit source]

Games in progress can be watched by clicking the "Observe" button in the scoreboard. Hitting space takes the player back to the game. The mouse wheel can be used to scale the map up and down for a better view of the action.

Players and soccer balls can also be observed by opening the scoreboard and clicking on a nickname or the ball.