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Most statuses act like diseases and are transmitted by contact with another player, greatly varying the tactics of the game. Some statuses can be useful, such as the 'reduction' status allowing players through narrow passages to reach loot.

  • Invulnerability — Cannot be killed. This status is given when a player re-spawns, when a player looses his or her shield, or when a player is re-located from either a puzzle, or map regeneration.
  • Pause — Activated when entering the 'safe-house' pressing 'I'. You are invulnerable and not participating in the game while in the 'safe-house'.
  • Pacifism — A player cannot place a bomb while for the duration of this status, appearing as Kenny.
  • Invisibility — A player becomes completely transparent for the duration of this status.
  • Changeling — Player flips upside down, making it difficult to control.
  • Slowdown — Greatly decreases the speed of a player.
  • Reduction — Players with this status are half the size of a normal player, with reduced bombs, exploding only one space away from the bomb.
  • Fast Detonation — Bombs explode 2 times faster than normal.
  • Nyan Disease — Player becomes a Nyan-cat. In this mode, the player's speed increases, the bombs are replaced by brighter, more powerful 'nyan bombs', however the player cannot control bombing. The more bombs a player can place, the more dangerous this status is.