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Structures are various assemblages of blocks that represent a given puzzle or area. They cannot be placed inside a "safe-house".

Gridiron[edit | edit source]

Gridiron helps quickly visually locate the soccer goal. You can score from any side by kicking the soccer ball into it the goal.

  • Gridiron.png

Warehouses[edit | edit source]

A warehouse is a square area containing stored boxes with bombs (scatters bombs in different directions when damaged by an explosion), as well as boxes with bonuses and a nuclear charge. However, if enough players are already carrying a nuclear charge, a radio-detonator pack is given instead. Warehouses are surrounded by stronger bricks. Players generally throw bombs in to create a massive chain reaction, then they collect the power ups that drop.

  • Warehouse1.png
  • Warehouse2.png
  • Warehouse3.png

Caches[edit | edit source]

Caches are a chest, surrounded by plenty of solid blocks, most likely yielding a shield upgrade.

  • Cache1.png
  • Cache2.png

Fort Treasury[edit | edit source]

A fort treasury is a fortified structure on an island in the middle of the abyss. Various statuses enable passage through the abyss, or passage to the island. In the center is a golden chest.

  • Forttreasury.png

Puzzles[edit | edit source]

Puzzles can be solved alone, under certain circumstances, but most of them are easier to solve as a team.

  • Puzzle1.png
  • Puzzle2.png
  • Puzzle3.png
  • Puzzle4.png